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Vega  AA1 Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster #AA115 for autos LA  

Main specs

Description:  Vertical shoulder holster in treated tan leather, with belt clip and adjust...

Holster Size:  autos - LA

Carry Side:  Ambidextrous


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Vega-AA1 Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster #AA115 for autos LA-Bandolier & Shoulder Holsters



Vertical shoulder holster in treated tan leather, with belt clip and adjustable safety-catch. The special crossover shape keeps the holster closer to the body.

Vega uses only fi rst quality real leather, tanned using vegetable exstracts, completely treated in Italy according to the recent international agreements. Leather means from always exclusiveness and value.

Holster Size

autos - LA


Thermo moulding
Thermo moulding direct on the firearm to make a perfect holster fit

Match Your Gun

Beretta - auto - PX4 Storm, HK - auto - USP Compact, Sic/Sauer - auto - P225, P228, P229, SP2340, 357, SP2009 9mm, P239, Sic/Sauer - auto - P220, P226, Glock - auto - 19, 23, 32, 36, Glock - auto - 17, 22, 31, Tanfoglio - auto - Force Compact / Carry, Sig Sauer - auto - Pro 2022, Beretta - auto - 8000, 8040, 8045 Cougar, 9000

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