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Python  Light or Laser Holster (wider cut) ADHP HPL  

Fits High Point .45 cal & XD

Main specs

Description:  New wider designed nylon ambidextrous holster to fit Springfield XD with li...

Carry Side:  Ambidextrous

Holster Size: 


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Python-Light or Laser Holster (wider cut) ADHP HPL-Specialty Belt Holsters

Product Specifications


New wider designed nylon ambidextrous holster to fit Springfield XD with light or Hihg-Point 45 caliber gun. Cut to minimize accidental magazine release. Longer length to cover barrel and light. Constructed of heavy duty form fitting nylon laminate with soft padded lining. Easily adjustable thumb break, extra magazine pouch and metal belt clip add to the features of this innovative holster.

Holster Size

Not Available


Wide cut to accomadate laser or light.

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