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Python  AHSHM LA - Horizontal Shoulder Holster with offside double Magazine carrier  

Main specs

Description:  This AHSHM shoulder holsters use soft, strong heavy weight 4.5 oz. Top grai...

Holster Size:  autos - LA

Carry Side:  Ambidextrous


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Python-AHSHM LA - Horizontal Shoulder Holster with offside double Magazine carrier-Bandolier & Shoulder Holsters



This AHSHM shoulder holsters use soft, strong heavy weight 4.5 oz. Top grain leather for the shoulder support. The shape has been carefully crafted to ensure a flat, body hugging fit. Leather offers the advantage of strength, breath ability and comfort for all day wear.

All webbing used is tightly woven high-strength hylon. Side release fasteners offer quick inter-changing holster sizes. Double magazine and double speed-loader carriers may be configured for vertical or horizontal carry. Suspender grips are connected to elastic gore for unrestricted movement and offer secure attachment to the wearer's pants. They may also be removed for those who wish to do so. Adjustment is provided for shoulder width.

Holster Size

autos - LA


Ajustable for shoulder width.

Match Your Gun

Beretta - auto - 92, 92S, 92SB, 92G, 96, 96F, Brigadier, Para Ordinance - auto - P14 .45, P16, Para Ordinance - auto - P13 .45, Astra - auto - Constable, Camper, Falcon, High Standard - auto - Duramatic, field King, sport King, Olympic, Plkr, Walther - auto - P38, P38IV, Colt - auto - Commander, Comb. Commander, Ltwt. Commander, 1911 A1 Commander, Colt - auto - Combat Elite, Delta Elite Govt Model, Gold Cup Combat Target, 1991 A1, 1911, Luger - auto - Luger 9mm, Luger .22 stoeger, Llama - auto - 1Xa - VIII, XI, Omni, Les Baer - auto - SRP, AMT - auto - Skipper, AMT - auto - Lightning .22, AMT - auto - Hardballer .45, Taurus - auto - PT-92, PT-99, PT-100, PT-101, Browning - auto - Hi-Power 9mm, .40, Smith & Wesson - auto - 645, 745, 1006, 4506, 4526, Smith & Wesson - auto - 52, Smith & Wesson - auto - 422, 622, 2206, 22A, Smith & Wesson - auto - 42, Auto Ordinance - auto - General, Auto Ordinance - auto - 1911 A1, Kimber - auto - Custom, Royal, Stnls, Gold Mtch, Stnls gld mtch, Gold Cmbt, Supr mtch, Custom CDP, Kimber - auto - Compact, Cmpt Stnls, CPCT Alm STNLS, Pro Carry, Stn Stl Pro Carry, Pro Carry Hd, Compact CDP, Pro CDP

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