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Product Maintenance


A Word About Cleaning


Most of our products are manufactured from several different materials. Because of this, machine washing and drying causes different rates of shrinkage to occur. At best, the appearance will be effected. At worst, the product will be ruined.

 Machine washing or drying will void the warranty.



Keep It Simple


Our products are made almost exclusively from synthetic fabric. This makes them easy to clean. In most cases, a simple sponge bath is all that is required. Heavily soiled items should be handwashed in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent, then rinsed. Pat off any excess water and then air dry.

Never machine wash or dry.



Keep It Safe


Never, under any circumstance, attempt repair or make alterations to any of our products yourself. Examine your accessories on a regular basis. If they are becoming frayed or worn, replace them. If they require warranty repair, have them repaired immediately.


It is your right to use and own firearms, it is your responsibility to do so in a safe manner. Practice simple common sense. Know and practice firearms safety. Take a course from a certified instructor. Obey the law. Always respect the rights and property of others.

Make your voice heard; support the NRA.




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